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Why I teach you to massage your babies

An interview with the Northern Star newspaper, Australia.

Bryon baby massage classes have kicked off in Byron Bay.


2nd Feb 2020 11:00 PM

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A PRENATAL and post-natal educator is offering her wealth of experience to parents by bringing her baby massage classes to Byron Bay.

Launching Byron Bay Massage last week was a goal realised for Sonia Deighton, a former nurse, who has recently reconnected with her 15-year passion to teach parents how to “gently bond with their baby, relax them and become more empowered parents”.

Ms Deighton said the benefits of learning how to massage an infant were many, but the most beneficial was strengthening the bond between baby and caregivers and allowing the baby to relax.

“I love teaching parents and carers baby massage and it feels amazing to get to share this practice,” she said.

“It’s something that’s close to my heart because of the close and deep prenatal and post-natal work I’ve done with women and men.”

Ms Deighton said massage can soothe babies and help them sleep .

It also stretches and relaxes abdominal muscles and lifts the diaphragm, helping to relive colic and constipation, and can allow the baby to strengthen its back and neck.

“I have seen under-confident, new parents learn to relax and flow with their babies,” Ms Deighton said.

“For me the key is about being in tune with yourself as a parent/caregiver and listening to your instincts ‒ after all, this is your baby and you know what is best for your child.”

With plans to secure a suitable clinic space in town to run classes, Ms Deighton is currently running an at-home service.

In a typical class, she runs parents through a specific sequence which is designed to aid the baby’s development.

“Massaging your baby should be as pleasurable and relaxing for you as it is for your baby,” she said.

“I create a quiet, calm space, there is a period of eye contact and connection with baby.

“I have a doll, we sit in circle, and parents copy my actions.

“This sequence is easy to learn and intuitive.”

After spending 15 years living in Dubai, Ms Deighton worked in Colombia for three years as a volunteer for a girls’ charity.

In 1997 she started as a pre-natal teacher with the National Childbirth Trust in London.

She then trained and qualified as a baby massage teacher in 2001.

Despite some controversy around baby massage, Ms Deighton said had never had any negativity towards the practice.

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