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What if my baby wriggles & cries during baby massage?

Often, mothers, fathers or carers are put-off attending group baby massage classes, because they are worried about their baby disrupting the class if they are 'wrigglers' or if they start crying. This is a normal concern and one which is usually overcome after the first class or two. The benefits of attending baby massage classes (group & individual) far outweigh the negatives.

Remember that you are with a group of people in the same situation as yourself; parents to a new baby, probably tired and have made a big effort to get out of the house to attend class on time. They will fully empathise with your situation and generally there is no judgement. It's an environment where tips & hints are exchanged and friends made.

Yes, babies wriggle and cry during class, especially if it is their first time and everything is unfamiliar to you both - babies pick up on their parents energy - so if you are anxious, chances are your baby will pick-up on this and react accordingly.

Learning to massage your baby will become a beautiful, calming and joyful experience for you both. Babies have their good and bad days as do we all! My classes are baby-led - which means that as soon as your baby becomes disinterested, upset, hungry or wriggly - then you stop the massage and see to their needs. But over time, your baby will come to look forward to their massage, they will learn to relax more and as the weeks pass (and of course, they get older) the length of time that you can massage your baby becomes longer. Initially, your baby may only be up for 5 minutes of massage before needing to be fed / hugged / seen to. The baby massage sequence I teach lasts about 20-30 minutes depending on your baby.

The gentle baby massage sequence is both stimulating and calming. Babies usually sleep really well after a massage - either straight away or at their bedtime. They usually feed well after a massage as you have stimulated their digestive system and this helps with emptying their stomachs, leaving them hungry. Remember that baby massage can help with colic and trapped wind, relieving the symptoms and helping them to sleep and feed better over time.

Book into a class now and enjoy the benefits of baby massage with your little one!

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