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After 'hibernating' for the past couple of months, the world is starting to emerge from it's cocoon of safety, stress, bliss, me-time, home-schooling, home-working, thumb twiddling, angst, illness, information overload, information 'under-load', lies, truths, family divisions, friend divisions, for and against ...what?? red banners on media pages, concerned corporations offering to take care of our needs and wants, mortgage holidays, rent reductions, changing face of the high street as brands disappear, time out from real life...etc., etc., and we all know what I'm talking about without even mentioning the 'C' word.

Has this united or divided us? Does it matter? The entire planet has had a conscious shift of some sort - Eckhart Tolle says "Santosha or 'contentment' doesn't mean idly sitting back and relinquishing the need to do anything. It simply means accepting and appreciating what we have and what we are already, and moving forwards from there."

This quotation can also be attributed to our new little ones. When pregnant, we have so many thoughts and plans for the birth and the idealisation of our life moving forward once our baby is born...but sometimes (often) the reality doesn't match our desires and dreams.

Maybe your baby has a visible birth mark, cries more than other babies you know, is a boy when you wanted a girl, has a birth defect that you weren't expecting, doesn't make you feel all 'gaga' when you look at them, you love them too much (is this possible?) and are fearful all the time.

However you react to your baby - and your reactions may vary day-to-day, these are valid thoughts, concerns and fears. Don't underestimate or trivialise your emotions and thoughts towards your baby. Going back out into the world after 'C' is similar to facing the world after birth - although now your concerns are for you baby; Keep them out of the sun, keep them clean and healthy, safe in the car, juggling all those bags of stuff that accompany you on each outing, you're excited but also wary... all normal.

Baby Massage deepens the bond with parents by releasing the hormone oxytocin (the feel good hormone that helps during labour and breastfeeding) and decreasing the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in both you and your baby. Having a special time each day with your baby helps to decrease your stress levels as you get to know your baby a little better each time. Your baby will pick up on this which leads to each Baby Massage session becoming more pleasurable for both of you over a very short period of time.

I will continue live-streaming Baby Massage for the time-being, as I have discovered that it deceases the stress of having to leave the house at a certain time with your baby (in order to reach class), parents have a little more flexibility with where and how they massage their babies and they don't have to worry if their baby becomes a little grizzly or needs to be fed during class - as the camera and audio are off providing extra privacy.

Of course, the down-side is that new parents can't meet and bond and support each other face-to-face, but until all restrictions are lifted, I will continue with live-streaming classes each week.

Mondays @ 1030am (NSW/QLD times)


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