• Sonia

Baby shower: to gift or not to gift....

Since re-entering the world of babies with my Baby Massage offering, I have become aware of baby showers. This seems to be an American tradition, that has now become a world-wide expectation. When I was having my children (over 20 years ago now), this concept didn't exist in England.

So, I have been doing my research about the whys and wherefores of this whole 'baby shower scene'. I don't really have any strong opinions about the concept of the baby shower, but I am concerned about the amount of 'stuff' that is promoted as essential for babies and new parents. So much stuff!

To cut a long blog short, this is why I launched my Baby Massage Gift Vouchers. They are totally environmentally-friendly - not being printed or wrapped - and the benefits of bonding with your baby and spending wonderful quality time with them (IMHO) far outweighs a swing that lulls your baby to sleep, or a changing mat for over $150!

Go on! Do something wonderful for your friends and the planet!

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