About me

I have been supporting parents and babies since 1997 when I began teaching as a Pre-Natal Teacher with The National Childbirth Trust, London, England. I had previously worked as a Registered Nurse in A&E, and changed careers as I wanted more quality time with my children. After moving to Dubai, UAE, I ran my own business with focus on pre & postnatal modalities within the multinational community. 

I ran workshops for doctors and nurses in the local hospitals about how to empower women to participate in their births, rather than be passive bystanders. It was during this period that I discovered the benefits of running postnatal classes; a space where men and women had the opportunity to discuss any issues of concern in the immediate postnatal period. I trained and qualified as a Baby Massage Teacher with Peter Walker in 2001. The concept of Baby Massage Classes was fairly new at this time, and I was privileged enough to appear on radio & television and had several articles written about my profession, which meant I was extremely busy - and became more widely experienced in this therapy. I have a real passion for good, positive parenting and I believe that baby massage is a way to instigate  this.

Sonia Deighton

Sonia Deighton

After leaving Dubai in 2015, I took some time off and worked in Colombia for 3 years as a volunteer for a girls' charity. There, as well as teaching English, I used my skills to teach mindfulness to the girls, who all came from poor and vulnerable backgrounds. I incorporated breathing, meditation, relaxation and massage into my teachings and experienced very positive results.

In 2019 I moved to Australia to study yoga for 1 year and am now a qualified yoga teacher. I have an Australian Working With Children clearance, Australian Federal Police clearance and a current Paediatric First Aid & CPR Certificate allowing me to offer my wealth of experience to parents and babies in the form of Baby Massage classes in person and via live-streaming classes.

I moved back to Europe in July 2020 and am dividing my time between France & England.

Why attend Baby Massage classes?

  • One can read numerous articles about the benefits of baby massage, and I can attest to them all. I have seen under-confident, new parents relax and flow with their babies. The surge in confidence after a few weeks of classes is palpable.

  • We are inundated with literature about how to parent, but for me the key is about being in tune with yourself as a parent/caregiver and listening to your instincts; after all this is your baby and you know what is best for your child.

  • Your baby will pick up on your confidence and love and respond accordingly.  Sometimes, having too much information can be just as bewildering as not enough.

   What's in it for me and my baby?

  • Massaging your baby should be as pleasurable and relaxing for you as it is for your baby.

  • The classes give you real quality-time with your baby in a calm environment; somewhere that is special for the two of you. 

  • I have seen babies visibly relax after a few weeks of massage when they are placed on their towel in preparation for the sequence.  After a few weeks they learn to anticipate what is coming and welcome it - as does the person massaging.

  • By attending group baby massage classes, you have the opportunity to meet other parents and voice your highs and lows about the early postnatal period, get advice from an expert (me) and learn to tune in to your innate parenting instincts.

  • I have had experience with preemies and babies with disabilities - they all love to be gently massaged!

  • The massage also helps to lift your mood and helps you to feel more empowered as a parent. 

“Where touching begins, there love and humanity also begin.” 

Ashley Montagu 

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