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One can read numerous articles about the benefits of baby massage, and I can attest to them all.

I have seen under-confident, new parents learn to relax and flow with their babies. For me the key is about being in tune with yourself as a parent/caregiver and listening to your instincts;

after all this is your baby and you know what is best for your child.

Benefits of massage for your baby (and you) ......Helps to strengthen bonding with caregivers | Regular massage can soothe your baby and help them sleep better | Stretches and relaxes abdominal muscles and lifts diaphragm - helping to relieve colic/constipation | Allows baby to strengthen back and neck - through pushing up/swimming motions .........

Eye contact
Kiss & Cuddles
Mother Balancing Baby on Legs
Happy Young Family
Mother and Son on Yoga Mat
Father and Son
Baby & adult hands - connecting
Father and Daughter

Additional benefits...

  • Firm, confident massage - helps baby feel loved, strong and resilient

  • Relaxes legs

  • Reduces physiological stress

  • Encourages gentle flexion of leg and back joints

  • Helps to co-ordinate postural muscles

  • Maintains good sitting posture

  • Elongates calf muscles

  • Encourages heel down for strong standing position

  • Deepens breathing volume 

  • Secures flexibility of spine

  • Strengthens upper back

  • Maximises breathing potential

  • Reduces tension in lower back

  • Encourages deep breathing and relaxed belly

  • Helps build co-ordination

  • Allows sitting on back of legs with spine straight/tailor posture

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